About The Renegade Baker

Baking Bread is FUN !!

The Renegade Baker is a home-based baker in Pacific City, Oregon, whose personal story of giving has provided inspiring and tasty recipes for the whole family. Knowing the importance of families and guided by his story of giving over 2500 loaves of bread in memory of his late wife Sue, the owner, dedicated himself to writing fun recipes. With a mix-and-pour approach to baking that make kids [of any age] active bakers of their own bread. And have FUN doing it.

This combination of easy-to-follow instructions, no-effort baking, and fun recipes tailored for kids make The Renegade Baker's cookbooks the best choice for kids, novice bakers, children of all ages, and families. The recipes provide not just great results but an easy and streamlined approach so that everyone can have the fun of baking their own bread. All the recipes feature clear instructions, exact measurements, and zero complicated techniques so kids and beginners can enjoy the fun of creating their own loaves in no time. Such an easy process allows for creativity, diversity, and hours of fun for the whole family. 

The Renegade Baker’s uniquely family-oriented approach has caught the attention of the public including the Ruralite Magazine, featuring John as the cover story of their October 2018 edition. He’s been praised for providing recipes that make baking your own bread that much easier and fun, while also giving the audience the chance to become a baking renegade. So don’t miss the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of baking your own bread, check out our page, browse our cookbooks, enjoy a free consultation, and become a baking renegade.

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