About The Renegade Baker

Discover the Joy of Bread Making

Are you ready to take your bread-making to the easy level? At The Renegade Baker, our recipe cookbooks are specifically designed to make bread making easy and fun for everyone—no prior experience necessary! With the help of grandkids we used our inspiration and knowledge to create these unique recipes. We know bread making can be intimidating, especially for children and beginners. That's why our stir-and-pour approach means everyone can have the satisfaction of baking their own bread in no time. 

Our newest addition to the baker series is filled with 50 more our latest creations and recipes. We've perfected our bread-making techniques so you can unlock the magic of baking in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're an experienced baker, a parent looking for fun activities to do with the kids, or a beginner that wants to jump into bread making, we've dreamed up and created unique flavor breads for everyone.

Everybody loves the smell of fresh bread and the satisfaction of eating something homemade. Now, with The Renegade Baker, we're offering a unified source for the whole family to explore the art of bread making. Get ready to unlock the magic of bread-making with us! And have FUN!

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