John Tenny, PhD

Owner, Baker, Teacher

John Tenny, known as the Renegade Baker, has given strangers over 2500 loaves of fresh, homemade bread in honor of his wife of 55 years who passed away in 2016. He has taught workshops on bread baking to children and adults, and as a grandfather, he has long been involved with kids and baking. His two books on Fun Bread Baking for Kids are the result of having years of fun adding kid-exciting ingredients to bread. Each recipe is original and unique and kid-tested. He is working on a Fun Bread Baking for Adults to be available this year.

He also wrote a study skills book for college and college-bound students. The Sixteen Study Strategies are a collection of strategies based on his experience as a struggling student and how the brain works when learning. He went from being a failing student to graduating with honors and completing his doctorate degree by using the study techniques in his book. He taught College Learning Skills for 15 years and presented widely on brain-based learning while serving as the Director of the Willamette University Graduate School of Education.

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