My basic philosophy about bread baking

Humans have been making bread as long as they have been making beer, and that's a long time. Grain, water, yeast are the components of both and both have happy results.

My guess is that yeast-risen bread dough (or bubbling beer) started as an accident, and may well have been the motivation to stop roaming and start planting.

At any rate, it's a natural and easy process. The earliest humans made bread, the serfs in Europe made bread, the American pioneers made bread -- All before the standardized measuring spoons we use today were invented (1896).

I have nothing against the detailed and complex recipes that I find in my 50+ books on bread baking. They will work (most of them) and will make good bread, but so will the simpliest approaches and techniques.

I became the renegade baker when I started challenging the cookbook 'rules' that said you 'must' do whatever a certain prescribed way. I've always looked for the easiest way to make bread. The goal is for people to say "This is good bread". 

If you are going into production and want every loaf to be exactly the same controling every component is critical. Measurements, temperature, ingredients, and processes must be the same each time to create the same indentical loaf time after time. That's not my goal and not possible in the home kitchen.

So here you'll find the easiest methods for making good bread. I'm always experimenting and testing to be sure I get good bread, and I'll pass on what I find.

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