Questions Often Asked

In honor of my wonderful wife of 55 years, who passed away on February 20th, 2016. She was a loving, generous person, and I think of her with each loaf I give away.

Nothing. I don’t sell the bread, only give it away.

No, it’s all baked in my home kitchen. I can bake 12 loaves at a time.

Random people, from school bus drivers to couples at a grocery parking lot, to clerks in stores, to individuals at the post office, etc. Everyone deserves a loaf of homemade bread.

Over 2500, so far. I bake 8 to 24 loaves a week. I have baked as many as 36 loaves of a morning.

With each loaf I give away basic bread instructions on how to get started, and I’m glad to answer any questions. I have taught workshops at the local food pantry to folks from 8 years old to grandparents, and I taught through the OSU Extension Office recently. Contact me if you’d like me to show you and others how simple it is to make good bread.

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Come join us and start your journey to having fun baking bread. We invite you to ask questions, share your best or worst bread baking, or describe the fun you've had baking bread. Whether you're a parent, kid, or professional baker we'd love to hear from you. I promise to respond and share your story.

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