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Fun Bread Baking for Kids: Vol 1

Baking bread is fun! Kids love these very easy recipes for baking fun bread with everything from gumdrops to chocolate pudding. With just five easy-to-measure ingredients and easy-to-read instructions, they will amaze their friends and family with beautiful and delicious loaves of fresh bread. The 50 recipes provide a delightful opportunity to have fun together in the kitchen while teaching the love of cooking and companionship. Kids have great fun baking Almond Butter Bread, Banana Cream Pudding Bread, Fruit Loops Bread, Gummy Bear Bread, Mandarin Orange Bread, Pineapple Bread, Rainbow Sprinkles Bread, and many more.

The entire process includes measuring and stirring the ingredients, letting it rise, and pouring it into the bread pan. No kneading is required so it's easy even for small hands. Each recipe is complete with no page-turning, large print, and with just five ingredients kids will be successful the first time. As you smell the fresh bread in the morning, perfect for breakfast or school lunches, the child will be the star of the day!

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