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Sixteen Study Strategies: Innovative Notetaking System, Test Taking, Memorization, and More

Every student is looking to develop efficient learning skills, improve concentration, save time, and get better grades. Here’s how you do it! In Sixteen Study Strategies, John Tenny, an emeritus professor of education, lays out step-by-step innovative and easy to follow techniques that makes your study time more effective and less time-consuming. This book simplifies notetaking and improves recall– which leads to accelerated learning.

The strategies presented in the book include:

• Keyword notetaking, a powerful new strategy

• Memorization system that works

• Aggressive reading, save time and learn more

• Speed reading novels, innovative and effective

• Test taking, multiple choice and essay

• And more….

Whether you’re in high school, college, or contemplating a return to education, this book shows you how to use the power of your mind to be successful in all your classes.

$9.95 starting price (Amazon)

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