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Baking Bread is FUN !!

The Renegade Baker is a home-based baker in Pacific City, Oregon, whose personal story of giving has provided inspiring and tasty recipes for the whole family. Knowing the importance of families and guided by his story of giving over 2500 loaves of bread ...

Discover the Joy of Bread Making

Are you ready to take your bread-making to the easy level? At The Renegade Baker, our recipe cookbooks are specifically designed to make bread making easy and fun for everyone—no prior experience necessary! With the help of grandkids we used our ...


Digital and Paperback Books

Digital and Paperback Books

Fun Bread Baking for Kids: Vol 1

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Baking bread is fun! Kids love these very easy recipes for baking fun bread with …
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Fun Bread Baking for Kids Vol 2

starting price (Amazon)
Kids love these very easy recipes for baking fun bread with everything from pistachio …
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Sixteen Study Strategies: Innovative Notetaking System, …

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Every student is looking to develop efficient learning skills, improve concentration, …
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Come join us and start your journey to having fun baking bread. We invite you to ask questions, share your best or worst bread baking, or describe the fun you've had baking bread. Whether you're a parent, kid, or professional baker we'd love to hear from you. I promise to respond and share your story.

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A Message From John

I hope you enjoy this bread and start making your own. If you do, please give a loaf away occasionally and think of someone you love.

Peace, John.